Tips For Booking the Cheapest Flight

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When it comes down to traveling for the holidays or just for fun everyone wants a deal on their airfare. Enough of your funds will be spent on the trip, so Iím sure you want to cut costs wherever possible. Well, you are in luck because there are still a few ways to cut travel costs and it is easier then you may think.
The first trick tried and true is booking your trip in advance. 49 days prior to your trip to be exact. It has been researched and this number seems to be the best amount of time to find a deal before headed out on your trip.
Trick number two is to fly on a less popular traveling day. Fridays and Saturdays have shown to be the most popular flying days. So instead, book your trip on a Tuesday or Sunday. In fact the absolute cheapest flights are 3pm on Tuesdays.
If these two options fail another suggestion is to take a red eye flight very late at night. These flights are shown to be notably cheaper then a more convenient flight time. On the contrary of this a very early morning flight seems to show a price cut as well.
Also allowing time for a lay over flight can show a price difference. Non stop flights are extremely convenient so these flights can be pretty pricey. A second option to this is booking two one way flights. It pays off to compare how much two one way flights are verses one round trip ticket.
There are many online websites that can offer deals that the airline it self can not. So take advantage of the internet. Shop around because some sites are more competitive and include baggage fees with ticket, while others do not. Take your time when finding a deal and it can have a big payout.